Top Faraya Hotels

Top Faraya Hotels

Bordering the east of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is expected to evoke the sunny beaches and old historic port cities like Sidon and Tyre.

Maybe less likely known are the Lebanese towering, snowy mountains, 5 stars hotel and the ski resorts; as a matter of fact, the name Lebanon originates from the Semitic word “lbn” which means “white” in reference to the snow-covered peaks.

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite was able to catch yearly photos of the snow in Lebanon, proving its name of “white”; the image often represents the country’s 2 mountain ranges, Jebel Liban and Jabal ash Sharq. (Jebel or/and jabal are synonyms of “mountain” in Arabic).

Note that both mountain ranges are seasons-round covered with snow; throughout the year 2011, a late-winter storm coated the mountains with a few meters of white snow as stated by local news and domestic reports of weather forecasts.

The snow is not an unusual factor in Lebanon; ski resorts around Faraya hotels are open about 3 or 4 months per year;  the 2010 winter pushed the limits as ski resorts couldn’t open the ski resorts for skiers before the midst of December due to a climate change… the ski resorts were expected to remain open to skiers until the month of April, but these expectations were too good to be true.

Top Faraya hotels list:

InterContinental Mzaar Hotel 5 Stars

Hotel Eleven 3 Stars

Gio Hotel 3 Stars

Merab Deluxe Suites 3 Stars

Merab Hotel 3 Stars

San Antonio Hotel 3 Stars

Auberge Suisse 2 Stars

Terre Brune Hotel 4 Stars

Auberge de Faqra 3 Stars

Chateau D’Eau Hotel Faraya 4 Stars

Auberge Le Valais Faraya 3 Stars

Ex- Les Elfes Mzaar

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Faraya Mzaar Hotel

Faraya Mzaar Hotel

The “Tourisme et Sports d’Hiver Mzaar” is one of the most popular Ski Resorts in Lebanon and the Middle East, located between 1850m and 2465m of altitude; the Ski resort is considered to be a very modern area, providing a unique  charm of modernity and the spirit of old Alpine villages.

Located in the midst of the ski area of “Mzaar2000″, the InterContinental Mzaar stands as a work of art all along the 4 seasons; being a hotel in faraya and a ski resort in winter, it remains a place for renewal where tiny glaciers cheer up ski fans in the winter whereas the remaining of the seasons supply outdoor activities. The Faraya Hotel InterContinental Mzaar is a juncture between Middle East, Europe and Africa as it provides 5 star services all year long.

Faraya Hotels, speaking of Intercontinental, are ranked as mid-quality hotels; still, the Intercontinental is considered to be the best hotel in faraya, due to being the sole luxurious project since being founded in the year 2000. With a total of 11 Blocks of Chalets and a sum up of 113 apartments, the Faraya hotel of Mzaar 2000 ranks as a top seeded project due to the Spa, landscapes, service and quality of products used to craft every aspect and details of the hotel management process… this, in addition to the Ski Slopes.

In the year 2000, the Mzaar InterContinental was reputed on an international level, welcoming guests from worldwide; with affiliate programs and advertizing through other hotels and travel agencies, the Faraya Top hotel was picked by Intercontinental in a management deal to run this luxurious hotel. In the 1990s, Mzaar s.a.l. became by far the largest ski resort in Lebanon; thanks to security, quality and size, the ski resort expanded and emerged as the best ski resorts in Lebanon with piste Wardeh bringing the the slope surface size to 80Km in 1999.

The InterContinental Mzaar’s impact is still pushing and motivating investors to build new resorts and chalets, restaurants and shops around the InterContinental Mzaar area that emerged as a touristic spot for Tourism and winter sports.

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Faraya hotels Review

Faraya hotels Review

Faraya hotels promise an enjoyable and an unforgettable mountain retreat; in the Faraya Village clubs, a complex of resorts and apartments were founded in the area of Mount Lebanon. Moreover, this piece of heaven on earth is located within the touristic area of the Faraya village, where the faraya hotels are built within or around the ski resorts to facilitate the access to these slopes of ski.

Constructed within a natural and unspoiled environmental entourage, Faraya Village Club aims at servicing apartments that are in close immediacy to the best ski resorts and best ski slopes… The composite favors and includes astonishing on-site services such as fine restaurants, garages and where guests or ski fans can have the benefit of some leisure times and delicious meals in a warm atmosphere of friendly people!

Furthermore, ski fans in Faraya can as well benefit from wifi internet connection within the hotels facilities, favoring a good working environment aside leisure moments or business people and investors.

Book a Faraya hotel room online and reserve immediately with the best hotels in Faraya / Mzaar Lebanon; starting from 2-stars hotels to the best hotels in the world, you can opt for a room in any desired hotel in Faraya, depending on your budget. Rooms are priced based on several aspects, such as the luxury state of the hotels in Faraya, not to mention the aspects of first class accommodations to superior deluxe luxury hotel rooms and class A ski resorts.

Our advice is to book prior to landing in Lebanon airport, especially during the skiing season; Faraya hotels and mainly the  Mzaar hotels are often filled rapidly as soon as the snow falls down onto the Lebanese mountains.

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